Rangers Take Over in the AL West

After trailing for most of the season to the Houston Astros, the Texas Rangers finally took over the AL West. 

The Rangers won Tuesday night against the Astros with a walkoff sacrifice fly by Mitch Moreland. Winning the game 6-5, the Rangers came away with a close one. 

The Rangers (77-67) will now lead the AL West for the first time this entire season. The Houston Astros now sit with a record of 77-68, but still are having a remarkable season themselves. 

The Astros were at a season-high ten games over .500 going into the game, as their hitting ability has been a huge factor to their success throughout the season. 

Who will come away as the winner in this division? It’s anyone’s guess, but the Rangers have been the better team in the past couple weeks in my eyes. 

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