Randy Orton Becoming Part-Time?


Rumors have been filling the WWE Universe about Randy Orton returning to fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Now we all know by now that Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton is considered as a dream match. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Orton reverse an F-5 into an RKO?

There is no way Lesnar loses to Orton after dominating Mark Hunt last night at UFC 200 in a pretty much one sided fight.

But what does a loss mean for Orton at SummerSlam? It means Orton would have to start a whole new run after a loss, which for him may be hard considering he’s been injured for over 6 months and have to deal with that shoulder in his matches.

But Orton may be becoming part time because his shoulder can only take so much and it seems like a long shot for it to hold up for a long period of time. Will his shoulder be able to endour everything at once? Probably not. So where does he stand on the roster? Orton’s position on the roster could be more questionable than his health.

Is it good for Orton to be part of the WWE since the Brand Split is coming? Probably not. That could do worse to his shoulder than anything, he’ll be in one feud for a while which could completely kill his shoulder.

Maybe The Viper retiring would be better for him and his health. Yes it would hurt the WWE but Randy Orton should care more about his health than wrestling. Maybe all of this happening to him is a sign it’s time to hang up the boots and wait to be deservingly inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Or maybe it’s a sign to come back and prove he’s better than ever and has some years left in his career, to prove all the doubters wrong and come back with venom in his veins and strike again and become a 13 time WWE Champion.

But let’s hope Randy Orton will be better than ever and not retire or be a part-timer, but we’ll see after what happens at SummerSlam


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