Pros & Cons of Adam Cole Signing with NXT


Earlier this week, the WWE went on to sign former Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole to a contract to their developmental territory, NXT. The veteran has reportedly already begun training, and will soon enough debut on NXT in the next few weeks.

While fans grew to love Cole from his former stint with the company, some fear that NXT will force unnecessary change upon the experienced wrestler. Here are the pros and cons to Cole signing with NXT:

The Pros: 

1) Cole will become undoubtedly become noticed within the WWE fanbase, and that should evolve into popularity within the Indy community. His new stint with NXT could boost Cole’s popularity in the WWE, and it may lead to him being involved at an NXT: Takeover event, or even a debut within SmackDown Live or Raw in the distant future.

2) If Cole is allowed to be himself, then the endless possibility of Cole becoming popular will never stop. His likability with the fans are what drove him to become the first three-time ROH World Champion in the first place, and it could even lead to him becoming one of the best Indy wrestlers within the WWE.

3) Cole has faced off against many current NXT and WWE wrestlers such as Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and even Kevin Owens. If he can be handed some more must-watch bouts within NXT, then Cole could become an eventual household names.

The Cons: 

1) An early call-up is unnecessary, due to fans of the WWE not being exactly familiar with Cole. The veteran very well may not become what most fans want him to be, as his previous accomplishments have set his expectations higher than most.

2) The gimmick of Cole is that he is obviously an edgy character, but due to certain restrictions within the WWE, Cole may be limited on how far he can take certain things. With a new environment comes a new rule set, and some may be disappointed in what Cole has evolved to become.

3) An early or ongoing injury will surely be a huge disappointment to Cole, as he will likely be reaching for the stars from the moment he debuts within NXT. We have witnessed a handful of wrestlers come along and strive to be the best, but Cole will need to pace himself as time goes on.

The WWE is the biggest sports entertainment company in the world, and has produced superstars in names such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, and more. With that being said, is this where Adam Cole expands his career and becomes a historic name?

Photo Credit: SEScoops.

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