Predicting Where The Top Free Agents Left Will Land

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More rumblings are coming from this years free agency. We’ve already seen Jason Heyward, Jordan Zimmerman, Zack Grienke, David Price, and Johnny Cueto find their new homes with a big contract attached to the door. However, there are still some players who can make an impact, and also get a hefty contract of their own. Players such as Yoenis Cespedes, Chris Davis, and Justin Upton are the 3 top tier free agents left. Where will each one end up?

Let’s start with Yoenis Cespedes. Their have been plenty of rumors surrounding Cespedes’ name, although teams are not biting at his price tag, as he looks to be .  White Sox, and Orioles are the most recently brought up names. What would be the better fit? Not to say that the White Sox could not use a player like Cespedes to compliment Jose Abreau in the lineup, but the Orioles just seem like the more fitting team.

As time has gone on during the free agency, it seems like Chris Davis and the Orioles are losing their feelings for each other. So, while it seems like Chris Davis will be taking his talents else where, at least for now. The Orioles may look to throw that money at Cespedes, who would likely jump at an offer that is around the $150 million area. The same amount the Orioles are believed to have thrown at Chris Davis.

A line up that includes Adam Jones, Yoenis Cespedes, Manny Machado and others would be very interesting.

Final Prediction For Cespedes: Orioles

Now, with that being said. If Cespedes goes to the O’s. Where does this leave Davis? All offseason long, many believe that Chris Davis would stay with the O’s. As mentioned before, things don’t seem to be the same, especially if the O’s lock Cespedes up to a big contract.

So, where else would Davis be a good fit? Well, basically anywhere. Put him in your lineup, and you virtually guarantee yourself an improvement in power. He also kind of just brings a presence to a lineup, that just makes it look better. However, not all teams might be willing to give up the money he is looking for. How about the Tigers? A team that has been rumored to go after him, which would also seem like a good fit for both teams.

The Tigers have proven not be scared to throw out the cash, as they signed Jordan Zimmerman to a $110 million contract already this offseason. Is it possible that the Tigers lock up Chris Davis in a contract similar to the one that they handed out Prince Fielder not to long ago? Chris Davis-Miguel Cabrera. Not much left to say there. There also have not been any other teams rumored to be biting at Chris Davis.

Final Prediction for Davis: Tigers.

Now, if I was a GM, this would be the one player I’d try to land. Justin Upton, is only 28 years of age. He doesn’t seem to have hit his prime yet, so whatever team signs him, gets a chance of him breaking out.

We all know the type of talented player he is, and he is at the age that most players seem to hit their prime years. He also does not seem to be searching for a contract as rich as Cespedes or Davis.

However, there have not been any real rumors on where Justin Upton might land. One team that comes to mind, is the Toronto Blue Jays. They did just trade Ben Revere to the Nationals for Drew Storen and have been relatively quiet this offseason. They did sign Roberto Hernandez and lost out on Davis Price.

Of course, their first priority should be pitching, but could they dish out a contract to Justin Upton, who may even search for a 1 year deal. Due to the fact, that he could have a break out year next season, and look to cash in on a larger contract. They have to have some cash left from whatever they drew at David Price. Although, Justin Upton agent said that they are not interested in a short term deal, if the market stays as slow as it seems to be, he could change his mind.

Justin Upton would fit nicely in a lineup with the MVP Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitski. However, while the Blue Jays could be a good fit, another team that comes to mind are the St. Louis Cardinals.

When Jason Heyward left the city for the Cubs, he left a hole in the outfield. The Cards do have Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty who could fill CF and RF. However, there are no guarantees that both would work out well for the team. While, it seems like the Cardinals are first place, every season no matter who’s on their team or not, Justin Upton would be a perfect fit. Then Grichuk and Piscotty would battle it out for an outfield spot in Spring Training, and the Cards go with the better of the two.

FINAL Prediction: Tough one between the Blue Jays and Cardinals, but with the Blue Jays really needing to prioritize starting pitching, I say the Cardinals.




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