Predicting Garppolo’s Future in Weeks 1-4

With the appeal of Tom Brady to begin, it’s only fair that The Athletes Hub gives their fair shake on analyzing backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for the New England Patriots. Although recent speculation has shown that Garoppolo and Matt Flynn are battling it out for the QB2 spot, it’s a fair prediction to say that Garoppolo would start if Brady wasn’t present. Here is how Garoppolo would fair amongst his first four opponents if he needed to start all four games. 

1. vs Pittsburgh Steelers; Prediction?   Loss

The Steelers are trying to survive without running back Le’Veon Bell for the first few weeks, and there is no doubt that Garoppolo could succeed in a home game for week 1. The Steelers have been one of the Patriots most feared opponents, and even Brady struggles against this team from time to time. Garoppolo is in for a big awakening if he starts week one, because I just think that Big Ben will be able to outscore the Patriots offense. 

2. @ Buffalo Bills; Prediction? Win

Bills have a better run game and defensive setup, but I have a difficult time believing that E.J. Manuel will succeed in 2015 under center. Head Coach Rex Ryan is known for his defensive schemes, but shows weakness when it comes to coaching the quarterback. Ryan tends to have a grip on Brady’s gameplan, but I think Garoppolo could pull away a win from this game. 

3. vs Jacksonville Jaguars; Prediction? Win

Is there really a ton to analyze on this situation? The Jaguars haven’t been outstanding when it comes to overall talent in recent years, yet the Patriots can not be too confident about this one. It seems as though that every year in the NFL, a poor team can blindside a decent team, and the Pats have to make sure they don’t become the victim of that scenario. 

4. @ Dallas Cowboys; Prediction? Loss

The Cowboys may have lost DeMarco Murray, and Dez Bryant may be holding out, but the Patriots won’t have what it takes. Tony Romo has been putting up great numbers in recent years and seems as though he could put up 35+ points against the Pats in this one. Garoppolo will succeed against a struggling defense, but I don’t think he could pull off a 40-point game for the team. 

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