Potential landing spots for Yoenis Cespedes


Yoenis Cespedes is probably one of the mostly highly touted free agents out on the market right now. Many teams are out there looking for a right-handed power hitting outfielder. Cespedes has now played for 4 teams within the past 4 years and is now looking for a long-term deal with one team for the next 2-4 years. Cespedes had an impressive line last year, posting a line of .291/.319/.805. While he did play half the season in a Mets  uniform, he did win a gold glove in the AL with the Tigers  as a left fielder. With all of that said, here are 3 potential landing spots for the 30 year-old left-fielder.

  1. Giants

The giants are in very desperate need of a left-fielder and a potential power bat in the middle of the line-up. While the Giants have Gregor Blanco and Jarrett Parker as their potential left-fielders, they are better served as off-the-bench type players more than everyday starters. If the Giants proceed to make an offer to Cespedes, this will make them a favorite to win the NL West despite the D-Backs boosting their rotation. The Giants are also considering Alex Gordon as their potential left-fielder.

2. Angels

The Angels are still in debt with their last left-fielder Josh Hamilton,  but they are in desperate need of a new outfielder, especially in left. The only left-fielder that is maybe major league worthy is Daniel Nava,  who hit a miserable .194 average on 139 AB with the Rays  last season. The Angels may not have a lot of budget room to make an offer. but if they go out to make an offer, this team will be very dangerous in the AL West.

3.  Orioles 

While the Orioles main priority is to re-sign Chris Davis, Cespedes would be a great addition to an already boosted lineup. If the Orioles don’t end up signing Davis, look for them to pursue Cespedes for a long-term deal, as they only have Nolan Reimold and potentially Mark Trumbo as left-fielders if they don’t sign Chris Davis.

Notable buyers: Tigers, White Sox, Mets, Twins 

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