Possibility That Jared Goff is Benched Week One? 

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At the 2016 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams decided to invest their number one pick into quarterback Jared Goff. As expected, all experts and insiders have made the assumption that Goff will be the starter once the regular season kicks off, or will he? 

According to NFL Media’s Steve Wyche, it is reported that Goff could very well be benched to start off the 2016 season. 

“Jared Goff is nowhere near being ready to start Week 1,” Wyche said on NFL Network. “He’s only had offseason workout practices, but he’s swimming in it. … Training camp is vital for him. I spoke to one team official that said they are looking forward to seeing him in pads and preseason games because his ability to improvise are some some of his strengths. But do not be surprised — I know the expectation is for him to start Week 1 — but don’t be shocked if Case Keenum is the starter, because, again, Jared Goff has a long way to go.”

Head Coach Jeff Fisher even backed this statement up by saying he would “start Goff when he’s ready, but I never implied that he would be ready by the opener. We have options.”

According to Fisher, Case Keenum seems to be the starting quarterback for the 2016 regular season right now, which really shocks me in all honesty. 

The Rams gave up their first, second, and third round picks in 2016, as well as a first and third rounder in 2017, and they won’t even come out and say Goff is the starter? 

Of course, there are coaches that will insist that the younger players need to earn their playing time, but Goff has reportedly had trouble learning the new system. 

In college, Goff didn’t need to get into a huddle as often as Wentz did, and the Rams knew that going into the draft. If Keenum gets the nod for week one, expect the Los Angeles media to explode with controversy.

I personally believe this is all a bluff on the Rams side of things, and Goff will eventually be the starter for the franchise. There was just too much given up at the draft to not start him. 

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