Possibility of a Trilogy Between McGregor and Diaz


One of the best rivalries in the past handful of years within the UFC has involved Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, as the clash between the Irishman and American has caused waves around the globe.

When McGregor decided to move up two weight classes in order to face Rafael Dos Anjos for the Lightweight Championship, it was seen as McGregor making UFC history early on. When Dos Anjos was forced to pull out due to a broken foot, it was then Diaz accepting to face McGregor within the Welterweight division, and that truly resulted in the start of something amazing.

The first fight was obviously on short notice for both men at UFC 196, and that resulted in Diaz locking in a rear-naked choke on McGregor in the second round, and handing the Irishman his first loss in the UFC. Truth be told, this was more than shocking, due to McGregor’s ongoing legacy in the Featherweight division.

The second bout between McGregor and Diaz took place just only five months later at UFC 202, and both fighters took each other to the limit with a grueling fight that resulted in McGregor defeating Diaz in a majority decision, a battle in which Diaz firmly believed he clearly won.

The possibility of both men facing off again would be an ultimate money maker for the UFC, as two of the hardest hitting fighters could once again go head-to-head for a battle of the ages. The UFC has had many trilogy fights that include Hughes and Penn, Cruz and Faber, Maynard and Edgar, as well as Velasquez and Dos Santos.

McGregor has demanded that Diaz moves down within weight classes in order to receive a trilogy fight, whereas Diaz is currently asking for a lot of money in return for his services. If the fight does somehow get produced within the next year or so, this could be a moment in UFC history to remember forever.

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