Philadelphia Eagles Fire Chip Kelly


Jeff Haynes/Associated Press
After last weeks loss to the Washington Redskins, eliminating the team from playoff contention and from winning NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles made a big move firing head coach Chip Kelly on Tuesday. 

Ending his tender with the team, he has been there since 2013. Pat Shurmur is taking over as interim coach for the rest of the season

In his time with the team, Kelly had a record of 26-21. He has taken the team to the playoffs in his first season with a record of 10-6, winning the NFC East. Yet he missed the playoffs twice with a record of 10-6 and 6-9. Over his time in Philadelphia, he is known for not making smart decisions when it comes to the offense.

Even though Kelly got fired, he is still a solid NFL coach. Kelly is a good offensive mind bringing the college offense to the NFL. With plays that involve the quarterback being able to run out of the pocket effectively. The college offense did not work for Eagles, but it would work with a couple of other teams and quarterbacks.

The team made the right move, firing Kelly, as it was obvious that his coaching style was not working with the team. He was also bringing in players that did not fit the team, and getting rid of players that made an impact on the team. The team still needs help, but this is the first big step in fixing the team. Getting rid of something that was not working out in Kelly.

Now that Kelly got fired, he will most likely find a new job that fits his coaching style a lot better. Some team like Tennessee Titans or Cleveland Browns would be perfect for Kelly. Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota and Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (if they decide to keep him) are both great options for Kelly to work with. 

These are both quarterbacks that could fit his college offense that Kelly has brought to the league. More likely the Titans, since Mariota was the Oregon starting quarterback when Kelly was coach of the team. Mariota should know some of his offense right off the back.

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