Philadelphia 76ers Meet with Ben Simmons

Advertisements is reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers have had their first face to face meeting with the presumptive number one pick,Ben Simmons on Thursday. 

New GM Bryan Colangelo and head coach Brett Brown are amongst the most important figures to attend this meeting. The 76ers and Simmons as well as agent Rich Paul dined in Cleveland before Game 6. Some believe the 76ers plan to draft Simmons.

The 76ers came away impressed with the 20 pounds of muscle Simmons is said to have added. This may be viewed as the building of a relationship. Thursday’s meeting didn’t involve any basketball work. Sources for ESPN say to date that the 76ers are the only team granted direct access to Simmons leading up to the draft.

This meeting leads me to believe the 76ers may be planning on drafting Ben Simmons. If that is the case, Brandon Ingram of course will go to the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick. 

The draft will be held next Thursday, June 23rd, at 8 PM eastern time. Many are looking forward to seeing who the 76ers pick. This meeting may well help us guess accurately who the 76ers will select, so tune in to the draft and see.

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