Perry Jones III Traded to Celtics


Perry Jones III, along with a future second round pick, were both traded to the Boston Celtics from the Oklahoma City Thunder this past Tuesday evening. Jones III was chosen by the Thunder in the NBA draft in 2012 as their 28th overall pick. During his time for the Thunder, he averaged only 4.3 points and 1.8 rebounds per game, about every 15 minutes, so it is entirely possible that his low numbers were because he wasn’t dealt enough minutes. Now as a new addition to the Celtics, Jones has to adjust to the Celtics constant player rotation.

Given that, he seems to be happy with this trade. He posted this on twitter Tuesday evening: “Thank God for this new chapter in my life, with change comes new beginnings.. #CelticsNation #Blessed” Hopefully everything works out in his favor.”

With Jones is coming off of the bench for the Celtics, what does this mean for the team? With all the moves the organization has made this off-season, it’s fairly obvious that Boston will not be planning on tanking this season. With David Lee, also in the mix, Boston seems to be setting themselves up for a low seed in the Eastern conference this upcoming season.

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