Perks of Mahal Becoming WWE Champion


On May 21st, at the Smackdown pay per view Backlash, Jinder Mahal did the unthinkable as he defeated seasoned veteran Randy Orton for the WWE World Championship. Despite some fans being hateful, the “Maharaja” has given something more to the WWE fans, aside from a new champion.

When Mahal won the six man challenge a few weeks prior to the match, he was seen as an amateur who didn’t earn his shot at the title. If you really think about it, he showed his true colors to fans who didn’t see the bright side in this happening.  Mahal was not just doing this for his home country of India, but he was doing this to bring a great change to the WWE industry. 

For years, we have seen the same championship reigns, and while this isn’t a bash against others, it happens to be the truth. We have witnessed superstars such as Randy Orton and John Cena repeatedly win the world championship more times than others. 

The few champions most people appreciated were CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. The reason for this was because they all came from independent backgrounds. When Mahal became WWE World Champion, the reactions were widely mixed. In my opinion, I loved it, simply because it brought something new to the WWE. 

Mahal has the skills be rooted for by the crowd as well. If he continues the way he’s been for the past few weeks, Mahal might as well hold the WWE World Championship until Summerslam, and possibly prove that he isn’t just a fad within the WWE. 

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