Percy Harvin Retires


Bill Wippert/Associated Press

27 year old WR Percy Harvin has retired from the NFL, Harvin entered the leauge in 2009 as a first round pick for the Minnesota Vikings and won offensive rookie of the year. In 2013, he won Super Bowl 48 over Peyton Manning’s Broncos with the Seattle Seahawks in a blowout score of 43-8 with a highlight kickoff return TD.

Percy Harvin was a very skilled player but very controversial at the same time, constantly starting locker room fights and arguments. He was traded around due to injury battling migraines, knee injuries, and most recently, a hip injury that made him ponder retirement. He played for the Vikings, Seahawks, Jets, and retires with the Buffalo Bills.

He ends his roller coaster career with  351 Receptions, for 4,020 yards, and 22 Touchdowns, as well as 916 rushing yards for 5 touchdowns. Some have to wonder, if this is just to heal and come back in a few years or if he’s actually retiring. The NFL has suffered many early retirements lately with Calvin Johnson retiring along with Marshawn Lynch, but a consistent locker room problem is leaving the league and nobody can deny his talent.

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