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During the WWE Draft,  a lot of twists and turns took place throughout the night. For any WWE fan, this was a must-watch event.

One thing to keep in mind was when Brock Lesnar was drafted to Monday Night Raw, his manager Paul Heyman was not shown on the screen with him and was not paired with him either. The company did not even mention Heyman when Lesnar was being talked about.

According to a report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason behind why Heyman was not talked about or paired with Lesnar is because of his contract has expired with the company.

Making his mark in WCW, debuting as a manager in 1988, Heyman was a promising young manager, staying with that company until 1993. In 1993, life changed for him drastically.

During that time, Heyman started a new company called ECW. During his first stint in ECW before it shut down, that is where Heyman started to get the reputation of one of the best speakers of the sport.

There is a reason why Heyman was one of the of the best managers of all time. He is great on the microphone, Heyman knows how to tell a story and keep the crowd entertained and cheer for him, even when he is playing the bad guy role.

Heyman is a big part of WWE programming, so losing him due to an expiring contract is a big loss to the company, which could not come at a worse time considering  Lesnar is scheduled to face Randy Orton in a month at SummerSlam. Without Heyman, Lesnar is not the same guy that he is with him in his corner.

The one that should be effected by this news the most is Lesnar himself. Over the years, Lesnar has never been a guy that could really talk on the microphone, so he would need a mouthpiece. That is where Heyman came into play. 

Depending on what the company does about the two drug test that he has failed, it will be tough for Lesnar to build his feud with Orton without his manager.

Since we do not know what the company will do about Lesnar’s drug test violations, there are two ways that the company should look at Heyman’s contract expiring. 

If the WWE lets Lesnar off the hook about his violations and does not suspend him, allowing him to compete at the show, the company should sign Heyman to a new contract as quickly as they can so he can be in the company to build up Lesnar for Summer Slam.

On the other side of things, if the company does decide to punish Lesnar and does not let him compete at the show, or the company wants him to be on his own against Orton, there is no reason really to sign Heyman to a new deal.

The only real reason why Heyman is there is to be the mouthpiece for Lesnar. Besides that, there is nothing for him to do in the company, so what is the point of signing him to a new deal if you are not going to use him with Lesnar?

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