Paul George To Be Traded For The Lakers Draft Pick?


The rumors have begun after the Los Angeles Lakers have stated that they will trade their pick in the NBA draft. If the Lakers get a pick in the top 3, they keep their pick. If not, then the pick goes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Following the retirement of Kobe Bryant, this opens up the door for the Lakers to start building a new team. With D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson beginning to show progressions, as well as Julius Randle, the Lakers are for sure a team for the future.

However, the Lakers do not want to wait. They want to become a threat now, and they will not wait for their draft prospect to progress. The two top candidates to join the Lakers from the draft are Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram, two Small Forwards who are projected to be the future of the NBA. These two could be stars in the making, or even complete busts. The Lakers do not want to risk that, so who do they want?

None other than PG13 himself. Paul George is a native to California, so a homecoming would be awesome to see. Is this a great move on the Pacers behalf? They have their role players and a possible future beastly center in Myles Turner. How badly would the Pacers be impacted by this trade? Would Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram be as effective as expected?

This would be a huge risk for Indiana, but for the Lakers, it would most likely shoot them back into the playoff picture. As for the Pacers, they might need a year or two away from the playoff scene, but it could be worth it. Simmons has been compared to LeBron James. Ingram is compared to Kevin Durant. Durant and LeBron are the two best Small Forwards in the league and being compared to those two is huge. However, there is always a possibility of a draft bust in either of these two due to injuries or pure lack of NBA caliber talent.

Paul George in an LA Lakers jersey is something to imagine and if the trade is completed, it could very well become one of the biggest trades in NBA History. The Lakers need a star player who can be built around. Paul George is 26 years old and he is a proven star. A player of George’s ability is the best option for the Lakers at this time if they are looking for a run in the playoffs, while Indiana may suffer. It is a risk they could and should take.

If this trade does not go down, it will remain as a huge “What If” scenario in NBA history, along with Chris Paul going to LA, MJ being drafted by Portland, or if Greg Oden was not a bust. We can only watch and find out what the Lakers do and if they do trade the pick for Paul George, the NBA may just be changed for the better.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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