Patriots : Biggest Resigning Needs


Coming into this season, the Patriots have some huge names on contract that may need some big money to return. Linebackers Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins are among those who will need some money in order to come back to the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcom Butler is on a contract year this year, he will definitely ask for a pretty penny as his undrafted rookie contract was nothing compared to what he’s worth now. 

I could see Butler asking for a 4 year deal to make at 5.5-6 million a year. Which would turn out to a 20-24 Million Dollar deal. That’s a pretty fair price but he’d definitely make more on the open market. 

He seems very happy with the Patriot Way in Foxboro and I don’t see him looking to leave. He’ll reasonably accept that deal and be with the Patriots for a good long time.

Another CB on the list is Logan Ryan, an underrated talent for a CB2 but not really a big money prospect. He won’t be getting huge money from the Patriots or any team on the market. 

We can expect a 3 year deal offer with a 3-3.5 million dollar yearly salary. That would make it a 9-10.5 million dollar deal and that’s a good deal for somebody like Ryan. I wouldnt expect him to turn that down.

LB Donta Hightower is a young, tough, franchise talent. He is a huge part of the Pats elite linebacker core and they would not want to lose somebody as great of a run stopper as him. The Patriots will want to lock him up long term for 4-5 years and he will want to be making around  11-11.5 million dollars. So at most it’d be a 5 year 57.5 million dollar deal which I think is on point to what Hightower is worth. If he’s money hungry though, he could make much more money on the open market.

Defensive end Jabaal Sheard is on a contract year, definitely a dominant end who has the ability of Chandler Jones when he played for the patriots from 2012-2016. 

He’s still unproven though. It’d be nice to resign him to a 2 year deal so he can prove what he’s worth, making 1.5 million dollars a year would be for that cause. So, it’d be a 2 year, 3 million dollar deal, if he proves himself this season, his worth could very well change.

Star LB Jamie Collins is the biggest name on the list and is definitely worth a HUGE deal. 

We’re talking at least 18 million a year with 6 years to it. He’s a great proven LB who seems to get only better every year. 

He’ll be asking and to keep him the Patriots are gonna have to pay him. 

With the 6 year, 18 million dollars a year, it turns out to be a 108 million dollar deal. That’s low balling but that’s the cheapest the Patriots are going to get out of him, at most. He’ll be asking 25 million a year which makes out to be a 150 Million dollar deal.

This offseason will be huge for New England, so hopefully they can fit in all these contracts to fit all these key players to stay long term.

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