Patrick Ewing Endorses Thibodeau as Knicks Head Coach


Over the last several weeks, multiple candidates have emerged as the next head coach of the New York Knicks. With five head coaching changes since 2016, no one has survived the spotlight longer than two seasons in New York.

According to NBA legend Patrick Ewing, the solution may be tenured coach Tom Thibodeau.

“I think Tom’s a great coach,” Ewing said. “I had the opportunity to have him be on the staff when I played and also work with him. He’s been around a lot of years. He knows the game in and out. He’s going to do everything he needs to do in terms of having his team prepared to play every night. I think he’d be a great candidate for that job.”

As a former Knicks assistant from 1996-2004, Ewing had the opportunity to play under Thibodeau from 1996-2000. Four years later, Ewing joined Thibodeau’s staff in Houston from 2004-07.

As a head coach, Thibodeau proceeded to compile a 352-246 record with the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves. He has been considered a “frontrunner” candidate for the position in New York, per multiple sources.

At this time, the Knicks are expected to make a head coaching hire at some point in the month of July. Along with Thibodeau, the Knicks will consider Kenny Atkinson, Jason Kidd, Mike Brown, and at least eight other candidates.

Team President Leon Rose described his ideal coach:

“We want somebody that we think will be collaborative with the front office. Someone that when you’re in that huddle, you’re looking in that coach’s eyes, every player that’s looking at him knows that person is driving the ship and going to get the job done.”

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