Pacers Jordan Hill Arrested in Georgia 

The Indiana Pacers signed newcomer Jordan Hill in the NBA 2015 off-season, and things have not started off well for the center. Hill was arrested near Atlanta on charges of reckless driving and speeding according to sources, as an officer clocked his car going 107 mph in a 65 mph zone. 

His explanation? Hill was taken in by the officer Tuesday afternoon and claimed he was “in a hurry”. By the evening, Pacers President Larry Bird was notified on the charges. Bird was go on to claim that he would address the matter with Hill, and that seemed to be the end of it all on his end.

In the off-season, Hill signed a one-year $4 million deal on July 14th, and really needs to brush up his act off the court before anything else. The former-Laker averaged 12.0 points a game in L.A, but just how valuable can he be if he continues to skate on thin ice? 

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