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Justin Forsett in practice (
Justin Forsett in practice
We’ve passed free agency and the NFL Draft is in the rear view mirror, now we move on to OTA’s. Organized team activities are kind of like a sneak preview; nobody really knows who is going to be the best team, but OTA’s gives us an insight as to who’s looking good. There are two ways to look at OTA’s; you can look at it as fan of fantasy football and gauge your decision making off of the offseason, or you can view it as a casual football fan and sound smarter in front of your buddies. Whichever reason you want to keep tabs on OTA’s for I have your info here:

Dallas Cowboys: The first thing that jumps out to me about this team, is the fact that for the first time in two years Tony Romo shows up to practice this time of year. The guy really doesn’t need the practice, last year Romo led the league in completion percentage at 69.9%, and in passer rating at 113.2. For Cowboys fans, this means a lot. As for fantasy fans, it doesn’t mean much because completion percentage and passer rating don’t score you points. For the fantasy readers out there, this speaks more for the fact that he’s showing off how healthy he is. Romo didn’t have to be here, and his job certainly isn’t up for grabs. Sources say he’s feeling good and gaining strength in his back, which is good news for Cowboys fans and fantasy football fans looking to draft him.

Baltimore Ravens: One of Baltimore’s offseason key offseason additions won’t be suiting up in pads this year. He’ll be part of the play calling and his name is Marc Trestman. Is there anybody here that’s in a PPR league? Well if you are, you may want to bump Justin Forsett up a little bit in your ranks. Marc Trestman was the head coach last year in Chicago and Matt Forte ended the season with 102 receptions. That amount was more than all Ravens running backs combined last year. We have yet to see how they will use Forsett, but according to a report by reporter Garret Downing, Forsett made the following quote; 

“I’m excited about that – being used more, going out wide or catching passes out of the backfield,” Forsett said. “With coach Trestman coming in, a lot of his backs have had a lot of passes. Even in OTAs, I’ve been catching a lot of balls, so I make sure I am sharp on my routes and ready to be used that way as well.” 

Fantasy owners, bump Forsett up in your rankings. Ravens fans, look for his number to be called on more often.
OTA’s are an exciting part of football. Rookies get a chance to prove themselves, franchise tagged players are absent to try and garner long term deals, and we get to know the players on our favorite teams. For the fantasy geeks, we get another parameter to keep in mind as we make our rankings. Keep coming back to for more info and insight to see who’s standing out on your team.

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