Oklahoma City Preparing for a Rebuild


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As everyone knows by now, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded away Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for a record-breaking five first-round picks, two pick swaps, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Danilo Gallinari. As a result, the Thunder also announced that Russell Westbrook, along with Steven Adams, have been put on the trade block.

The last few days have come as a surprise to the Thunder fan base. Although they are offering two valuable assets to the rest of the league, it’s realistic to believe that Oklahoma City is on the brink of a rebuild.

Trading Westbrook will be the smartest move the Thunder make this offseason. Westbrook is an outstanding player, but if the Thunder want to compete with the likes of the elite talent in the West, they need to start over.

While Westbrook’s stats have been great, they are often manipulated. Last season, Westbrook ranked #15 in usage rating (30.1%), but #2 in turnovers per game (4.5). Oklahoma City holds a young squad, and while they understandably have some learning to do, perhaps a rebuild is for the best.

Trading either Russell Westbrook or Steven Adams prove to be a boom or bust move for the Oklahoma City Thunder organization. While the rumors point in Westbrook heading to the Miami Heat, it’ll be interesting to see which direction the front office heads in.

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