Okada/Omega IV is Poised to be Another Classic Match.


This is quite possibly the greatest feud to ever be seen by both an American, Canadian and Japanese audience since Yoshihisa Yamamoto fought Don Frye in Pride. Now that wasn’t a feud, but the fight was so brutal that if a rematch were to happen, it would be monumental, but it didn’t happen and that’s when we were blessed with Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada for what was the start of something beautiful.

The first match between Okada and Omega was highly anticipated because it was not only the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 10, but it was also the first time that a gaijin won the G1 Climax and was the leader of the Bullet Club against the reigning, dominating IWGP Heavyweight champion who had taken out everyone and was the leader of Chaos. The world wasn’t ready for what happened that night as both men put their lives on the line just to prove that pro wrestling is more than alive in the world.

46 minutes of technical, high flying and powerhouse wrestling was shown from both men as Okada went on to defeat Omega after hitting many Rainmakers to retain the title and prove that the hype behind both men heading into this match was worth every single minute from beginning to the very end. This match was rated 6 stars and it made it special that both men didn’t face off again for 5 months and when they did. They did it in style, again.

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Their second match went a full hour that resulted in a draw, both men hit each other with everything they had and the creativity that they were given from the first match to the second is absolutely astonishing. The goal in their matches are to win and capture the IWGP Heavyweight championship and prove that they are the Ace of Japan. Despite the draw happening, the match was another instant classic and when they announced the third match for the G1 Climax. All hands were on deck for another edge of your seat classic.

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The G1 Climax was as great as it always is, Okada and Omega were the final match for the A block and instead of their 60 minute battles, it was limited to 30 minutes and was a battle of nutrition as both men had a very small time to showcase their skills for the world and defeat their opponent in time, in the end it was Omega who finally got the win over Okada and proved that he deserved another shot at being champion and the Ace of Japan. Omega would go on to lose the G1, leave the Bullet Club, reunite with his best friend Kota Ibushi and continue to fight for his title shot against the reigning Ace of Japan, Okada.

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The fourth and quite possibly the final match between these two is set for June 9th and for the third time for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, no time limit, 2 out of 3 falls, and there can only be one winner. If you haven’t seen the last three matches between these two, you’re really missing out on something special, I’ve never been one to constantly praise a feud, but Okada and Omega prove that if you have chemistry and a reason to not give up then you are the reason why the championship holds so much prestige to it’s name and you are the reason why that this feud isn’t a feud of the year or decade, but this is the feud of the century and on June 9th, win or lose, Okada and Omega are truly the faces of professional wrestling.

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