Offseason Trade Candidate: Brian Doizer


The offseason trade market in the MLB is expected to be much more active than free agency. With a weak free agent market in many positions, it’s very likely that teams will look to trades to improve their rosters. One guy that could be on the move this offseason is Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier. 

Dozier has had an incredible season, hitting 30+ home runs on one of the worst teams in all of baseball. The top free agents at the second base spot are Neil Walker of the Mets, and Chase Utley of the Dodgers. Walker just had season ending surgery and Utley is 37 with a few questions about his future. 

Dozier is 29, healthy, and on a team-friendly contract that runs until 2019. Teams like the Dodgers and Mets could be in the market for Dozier due to them possibly losing their 2B in free agency, as aforementioned. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates could also be in the market for Dozier. They traded Walker last offseason to the Mets in a trade that didn’t pan out at all for them. With Sean Rodriguez set to hit the open market, the Bucs could be huge players in the Dozier sweepstakes. 

The Twins would benefit from this greatly. While they may not exactly be committed to a rebuild, this could help jumpstart a retool. Dozier should be a hot commodity and he could bring back at least one top prospect.

 They can bring that prospect up to the majors and see how he fares. He gets the experience, the Twins get the kid’s longevity. It’s a win win situation.

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

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