Odell Beckham Jr In Trouble for 2015? 

In 2014, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr broke out unlike any other rookie in recent memory. With 91 receptions, 1305 receiving yards and 12 TD’s, how can he follow that up? 

The young star experienced what it was liked to be double covered when the team played against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the preseason, and he didn’t like it. 

As Beckham Jr struggled, it was easy to notice the frustration on his face. Does this mean danger for OBJ if other teams try this technique in the regular season?

On one hand, Beckham Jr is a pure athlete. With talent unlike any other, the young leader surpassed receiving leaders, playing in less than one full season. 

If Beckham Jr plays a full 2015 season healthy, doesn’t it make sense that the stud would be able to one-up himself? 

On another hand, Beckham Jr was never been covered tightly in general in the 2014 season. If cornerbacks can figure out how he works, could it possible that his statistics could slightly decline? 

Another factor into Beckham Jr’s potential decline could be Victor Cruz’s return. The veteran was sidelined for most of the 2015 season, and that should take some touches away for Beckham Jr. 

Although not much will change, I speculate the following stats for the second-year star: 

85 receptions, 1,271 yards, 10 TD’s

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