Nochta Hired as Director of On-Campus Recruiting


The University Of Louisville head coach Bobby Pretrino announced the hiring of Pete Nochta, a former tight end and graduate assistant for the Cardinals.

” We are glad to have Pete back on our staff in this role ” Petrino said. ” He was the 1st one I thought of when this position opened. He has battled a tough fight with cancer and beat it. He has been with me on 2 different occasions and is someone that means a great deal to me. As a graduate asistant for us he was a outstanding recruiter for our program. He was very organized and has excellent people skills, wich makes him a great fit for this role.”

As director of On-Campus Recruiting, Nochta will be responsible for the organization of all recruiting efforts and maintain relationships with coaches throughout the state of Kentucky. Nochta will also lead the walk-on program and play a vitale role in the organization of summer camps.

Prior to that experience in the corporate world, Nochta served as a graduate assistant on Petrinos staff. He coached full backs and tight ends including Gerald Christian, a seventh round selection of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. 

Also, he worked at Purdue University as a quality control coach, where he broke down the opponent and worked on the offensive gameplan. He also had to fight Stage 4 Hodgskins Lymphoma and is currently in remission.

Nochta was a Four time All Big East academic honoree and a member of the Sudent-Athlete Advisory Committee, earning his undergraduate degree in businesses administration. He currently is working torwards a degree in justice administration.

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