NHL Playoffs Recap


Over the past few weeks, NHL Playoffs have been underway.  With heartbreak, upsets and amazing goals, the final teams are getting close to what every team desires, the Stanley Cup.  Here are some questions that we have about the NHL Playoffs as of now:

Can the Blackhawks defend? 

With the Blackhawks and Ducks battling it out in the Western Finals, the series has been set up to go into at least game 6, which will take place in Chicago tonight.  The fans of the Blackhawks are on the edge of their seats, as the team tore through the regular season, but now have their backs up against the wall.  In game 4, the Blackhawks were disappointed greatly when they lost 5-4 in an overtime thriller.  When ESPN spoke to defenseman Cam Fowler, he said that  “The main thing that we’ve had throughout the playoffs is we’ve had scoring from all four lines and we’ve also had people on the back end who can pitch in every once in a while”.  Will the Hawks take it into game 7? Or can the Ducks finish the deal tonight?

Will the Rangers finish the series? 

After a dominating performance by the Rangers in game 6 by a victory of 7-3, the team has one last game to win before they can reach their milestone.  Derick Brassard has been the centerpiece for the team in the postseason, as he added a hat trick to the Rangers game 6 victory.  If the Rangers expect Brassard to carry the team once again, they may have another thing coming towards them.  The Tampa Bay Lightning are back in familiar territory when it comes to playing in an elimination game, as they were able to defeat the Detroit Red Wings in game 7 by a score of 2-0.  There’s no telling what the outcome may be, but with game 7 taking place in New York, you can expect the crowd to be loud as ever.

The games are set, and it all kicks off tonight.  Who will advance? Tonight’s game between the Blackhawks and Ducks for a game 6 match up.

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