NFL Week 6 Predictions


With only a few remaining undefeated teams, here are the current standings and upcoming predictions for this week: 

Devon Withers: 53-24

Steven Parker: 52-25

Alex Buren: 51-26

Reese Nobles: 45-29

Evan Wolz: 44-33

Atlanta Falcons (5-0) at New Orleans Saints (1-4)
Alex Buren: Saints

Reese Nobles: Saints

Evan Wolz: Falcons

Steven Parker: Falcons

Devon Withers: Saints

Washington Redskins (2-3) at New York Jets (3-1)

Alex Buren: Jets

Reese Nobles: Redskins

Evan Wolz: Jets

Steven Parker: Jets

Devon Withers: Jets

Arizona Cardinals (4-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)

Alex Buren: Cardinals

Reese Nobles: Cardinals

Evan Wolz: Cardinals

Steven Parker: Cardinals

Devon Withers: Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) at Minnesota Vikings (2-2) 

Alex Buren: Vikings

Reese Nobles: Vikings

Evan Wolz: Vikings

Steven Parker: Vikings

Devon Withers: Vikings

Cincinnati Bengals (5-0) at Buffalo Bills (3-2) 

Alex Buren: Bengals

Reese Nobles: Bills

Evan Wolz: Bengals

Steven Parker: Bills

Devon Withers: Bengals

Chicago Bears (2-3) at Detroit Lions (0-5)

Alex Buren: Lions

Reese Nobles: Bears

Evan Wolz: Bears

Steven Parker: Lions

Devon Withers: Bears

Denver Broncos (5-0) at Cleveland Browns (2-3) 

Alex Buren: Broncos

Reese Nobles: Broncos

Evan Wolz: Browns

Steven Parker: Browns

Devon Withers: Broncos

Houston Texans (1-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)

Alex Buren: Texans

Reese Nobles: Texans

Evan Wolz: Jaguars

Steven Parker: Texans

Devon Withers: Texans

Miami Dolphins (1-3) at Tennessee Titans (1-3)

Alex Buren: Dolphins

Reese Nobles: Titans

Evan Wolz: Titans

Steven Parker: Titans

Devon Withers: Dolphins

Carolina Panthers (4-0) at Seattle Seahawks (2-3)

Alex Buren: Seahawks 

Reese Nobles: Panthers

Evan Wolz: Seahawks

Steven Parker: Panthers

Devon Withers: Seahawks

San Diego Chargers (2-3) at Green Bay Packers (5-0)

Alex Buren: Packers

Reese Nobles: Packers

Evan Wolz: Packers

Steven Parker: Packers

Devon Withers: Packers

Baltimore Ravens (1-4) at San Fransisco 49ers (1-4)

Alex Buren: Ravens

Reese Nobles: Ravens

Evan Wolz: Ravens

Steven Parker: Ravens

Devon Withers: Ravens

New England Patriots (4-0) at Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

Alex Buren: Patriots

Reese Nobles: Patriots

Evan Wolz: Patriots

Steven Parker: Patriots

Devon Withers: Patriots

New York Giants (3-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

Alex Buren: Giants

Reese Nobles: Giants

Evan Wolz: Eagles

Steven Parker: Giants

Devon Withers: Eagles

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