NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em: Wild Card Edition


Now that the regular season has come to a close, The Athletes Hub analysts will be selecting the winners of each playoff match-up. Congratulations to Devon Withers on securing first place within the regular season Pick ‘Em competition with a final percentage of 68.7%.

Here are the picks through the Wild Card round:

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#5 Tennessee Titans at #4 Kansas City Chiefs

Josh Hiltner: Kansas City Chiefs, 30-17

Steven Parker: Kansas City Chiefs, 21-13

Adam Grundy:  Kansas City Chiefs, 30-13

Devon Withers: Kansas City Chiefs, 24-14

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#6 Atlanta Falcons at #3 Los Angeles Rams

Josh Hiltner: Los Angeles Rams, 35-14

Steven Parker: Los Angeles Rams, 38-34

Adam Grundy:  Los Angeles Rams, 28-24

Devon Withers: Atlanta Falcons, 21-20

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#6 Buffalo Bills at #3 Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Hiltner: Jacksonville Jaguars, 28-10

Steven Parker: Jacksonville Jaguars, 31-21

Adam Grundy:  Jacksonville Jaguars, 23-20

Devon Withers: Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-13

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#5 Carolina Panthers at #4 New Orleans Saints

Josh Hiltner: New Orleans Saints, 28-21

Steven Parker: New Orleans Saints, 40-37

Adam Grundy:  New Orleans Saints, 31-20

Devon Withers: New Orleans Saints, 27-24

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