NFL Pick ‘Em: Week Five Breakdown 


Last week wasn’t my brightest work, putting me in a bit of a slump. With a record of 8-7 last week, that brings my overall up to 35-28 on the season. With that being said, let’s take a look at who I have winning in this week’s NFL Pick ‘Em Series:

Arizona Cardinals (1-3) at San Fransisco 49ers (1-3)

For The Cardinals: After yet another loss last week, many have doubt in Arizona’s potential for the 2016 season. With one of the best running backs and receiving cores in the game, I’m scratching my head to why this was a team that only put up 13 points last week. 

For The 49ers: No one really expected the 49ers to be much, and them putting up only 3 points in the second half against Dallas last week proved critics right. The 49ers have an average defense, but outside of that, I struggle to find much talent. 

Prediction: My thinking is that the Cardinals will come away with this one, seeing that the 49ers seem like a complete mess right now (not that the Cardinals are any better). 

New England Patriots (3-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-4)

For The Patriots: With Tom Brady set to return, I think the real question is how many points will he put up? Gronk hasn’t done much this season, and neither has Edelman for that matter. Expect both to have strong games against a struggling Browns roster.

For The Browns: Outside of their question marks at the quarterback position, one player that has looked nice is Isaiah Crowell. For the Browns to even come close, they need to pray that Brady is rusty and their offense looks elite for once. 

Prediction: Anyone who’s taking the Browns is a fool, to say the least. Brady will be looking like his old self, and will be able to beat out the Browns, who are looking like the worst team in the NFL right now. 

Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) at Detroit Lions (1-3) 

For The Eagles: Carson Wentz will have yet another opportunity to play a weak defense, as he plays the Lions on the road this week. He has looked like the leading candidate for ROTY, and this should be a game in which he can validate his case. 

For The Lions: Stafford has looked great this season, but the defense is what has lead this team to a 1-3 record so far. The talent is there to contend within the Wild Card, but the defense needs to wake up.

Prediction: I think it goes without saying that Wentz will have a strong game, and for that reason, I like the Eagles in this matchup. 

Chicago Bears (1-3) at Indianapolis Colts (1-3)

For The Bears: The Bears have looked like they do every year, and that is underwhelming. With Cutler injured and Langford also banged up, it’s too hard to tell where the future of this franchise is heading. 

For The Colts: I expected the Colts to win against the Jags in London last weekend, but they came up short. This week, look for Luck to have a strong game.

Prediction: I like the Colts in this one, but I think their offense is slowly being classified as overrated in a sense, so don’t expect a blowout. 

Tennessee Titans (1-3) at Miami Dolphins (1-3)

For The Titans: The Titans may have their franchise quarterback and a strong running game, but outside of that, there isn’t much to work with. 

For The Dolphins: Now that Brady is back in action, this game may just turn out to be a must-win for the Dolphins as they sit two games back in the AFC East. 

Prediction: The Dolphins are favored in this one, and I agree. The Titans have the better run game, but the Dolphins are more than capable of slowing Murray and Henry down. 

Washington Redskins (2-2) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

For The Redskins: After moving up to .500 last week, the Redskins find themselves playing a team that typically plays well at home. 

For The Ravens: The Ravens found a new life this season, being considered a playoff hopeful already. With Smith Sr playing like his old self, they do have the weapons to succeed. 

Prediction: The Redskins are hanging by a thread right now in the NFC East, but I think the Ravens should be able to take this one at home.

Houston Texans (3-1) at Minnesota Vikings (4-0)

For The Texans: I had the Texans winning last week, and they got that one with ease. This weekend, they’ll go up against a Vikings team that looks absolutely elite. 

For The Vikings: Call me crazy, but this Vikings team reminds me of the 2015 Broncos. With a mediocre quarterback, average offensive talent, and an elite defense, this Vikings team should not be underestimated. 

Prediction: While I think the Texans do have the potential to win this one, I’ll take the Vikings anyways. The defense has looked great, and I expect their defense to hold the Texans under 20 points. 

New York Jets (1-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)

For The Jets: Fitzpatrick has looked Fitz”tragic” this season, and he’s digging his own grave right now. With the entire offense struggling, the Jets seem desperate to win this one.

For The Steelers: After Lev Bell’s return, I think I have every right to say the Steelers look like an elite team in the AFC. With an overpowered offense, the only aspect that needs improvement is the secondary. 

Prediction: The Jets are an absolute wild card team, so I’ll take the Steelers in which Lev Bell will run for another 100+ yards on the ground. 

Atlanta Falcons (3-1) at Denver Broncos (4-0)

For The Falcons: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are the most dangerous duo of 2016 thus far, there, I said it. With 300 receiving yards last week, this Falcons team has come out of nowhere to shock the NFL and its fans. 

For The Broncos: This defense could very well be better than what it was last season, and that itself is a bold statement. This will be their toughest test to date. 

Prediction: The best offense vs the best defense, and I’m absolutely torn. I’m going to take the Falcons, just because of the momentum they have right now. 

Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) at Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

For The Bengals: For a team that is consistently strong in the regular season, the Bengals haven’t done much to impress, even though they did win one on Thursday night.

For The Cowboys: Elliot and Prescott have continued to steamroll through opponents, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both have a strong game once again on Sunday in Jerry’s World.

Prediction: AJ Green is an elite talent, but I think the Cowboys are going to out score Andy Dalton regardless of how well he does. 

Buffalo Bills (2-2) at Los Angeles Rams (3-1)

For The Bills: The Bills have been on a roll, and somehow are only one game behind the Pats right now. With a win over the Rams, the Bills could build some sense of momentum. 

For The Rams: Yes, the Rams may be 3-1, but I think they’re the worst 3-1 team out there right now. Credit to the defense though, who have handed the Rams almost all of their wins so far. 

Prediction: I favor the Bills in this matchup, just because of the game they had against the Patriots. If he can continue what he’s doing, the Bills could be an underdog to watch out for. 

San Diego Chargers (1-3) at Oakland Raiders (3-1)

For The Chargers: The Chargers have lost almost every offensive weapon possible, and the problem right now is that they don’t have the defense to back them up and keep them in games.

For The Raiders: The defense has slowly gotten better, and the Raiders are finally showing why we all saw them as a threat before the season was underway.

Prediction: The Chargers just aren’t talented enough at the moment, so I’ll be taking the Riaders in a game that should be a statement game for this offense.

New York Giants (2-2) at Green Bay Packers (2-1)

For The Giants: OBJ looked awful in last weeks game, and the media is making sure he doesn’t forget that. Going against a high-powered Packers offense, Eli and company will need to figure out how to keep up and out score Aaron Rodgers. 

For The Packers: Coming off a bye week, the Packers haven’t looked like the threat we thought they would be quite yet. 

Prediction: I don’t think the Packers are playing the best football right now, but I do think they’ll play well enough to beat out the Giants on Sunday night. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (1-3)

For The Bucs: For the Bucs, their one win was so strong, but they fell of the radar afterwards. They need to go back to the basics, it’s as simple as that.

For The Panthers: Cam Newton has looked like anything but he MVP this year, but this sincerely is a qgame that the Panthers need to win.  

Prediction: I’m giving the edge to the Panthers in this one, but they need to utilize their offensive weapons some more.  


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