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NFL Draft Profile: Yetur Gross Matos


Below is an analytical scouting analysis of one of the top edge rushers in this years draft. Yetur Gross Matos is a projected first round pick due to his frame, athletic ability, and future NFL potential. He is scheme versatile, and will do well in a variety of alignments. Read below.

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Name: Yetur Gross Matos 

Position: Edge

School: Penn State

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 265

2019 Stats: 24 Tackles, 9.5 Sacks


Yetur Gross Matos is a nimble, long-levered edge prospect with the necessary mass to set a physical edge and anchor against power-based tackles. He shows an ability to bend at the knees and keep his pad level down throughout the rep.

After the snap, he shows jarring explosiveness in his first three steps which challenges a tackle’s ability to stay square during his vertical or quick set. As a tackle, it is imperative that a “soft shoulder” isn’t given, as that can allow vulnerabilities in footwork and give an entryway for Gross Matos to maneuver into.

He exposed those vulnerabilities by consistently challenging bigger tackles up the arc throughout the season. As a pass rusher, he does showcase exceptional redirect ability in his hips and the ability to sink. He is adept at attacking technique lapses in opposing offensive tackles due to his exciting athletic ability. When he attempts to flatten, his ankle consistently digs into the ground, which allows for a clear unhindered path to the opposing quarterback.

Regarding his hands, Gross Matos showcases an eagerness to swipe the hands of an offensive tackle immediately after initial explosion. As a run defender, he is most effective when he is able to slant and stunt through different gaps. He is an effective tackler due to his smaller wingspan, which is especially useful on read options and split zone bypass schemes.

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While he does show flashes, the hands of Gross Matos are ultimately unrefined and lack consistency. At times, he will explode off the snap without a pass rush plan, which can open his upper half to offensive tackle contact. He needs to increase his array of counter moves, as his rush can stall at the top due to lack of variance in his attack.

Even with a filled out frame, he can tend to drift and float against the run. It is important for Gross Matos to emphasize a firm lockout upon the snap, with the ability to independently activate his outside hand in order to redirect zone paths. Against zone read schemes, he can get beat outside due to his short lateral strides and false steps at the mesh point.


Yetur Gross Matos is an exciting, but raw edge prospect who offers intriguing upside with Day 1 starting capabilities. He is athletic and full of mass, which makes him fit the contemporary NFL prototype. He consistently challenges tackles with his burst up the arc, and his game will expand to another level if he can vary his hand moves and counters. 

Projection: Late 1st Round

Comparison: Preston Smith

Photo Credit- Bucs Report

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