New York Lifts MMA Ban, Makes History


Eric Jamison/Associated Press

MMA is now legal in all states after a historic event recently took place, with New York lifting its 19 year ban of the sport. New York is the last state to lift one such ban against MMA. This historic bill was drafted on Tuesday, March 22nd, by the New York State Assembly. The drafting of this build was reportedly a battle, but they got more votes than they needed by far to pass the bill. Despite the turmoil and long battle, there is only good ahead for New York and MMA.

UFC plans to host multiple events in New York and even use the prestigious Madison Square Garden for events. But while the sport of MMA has been legalized, there are still steps to be taken in regulating the sport and other things before an event can take place. This bill was boosted by an MMA opponent Sheldon Silver was replaced by a man who sponsored this bill, Carl E. Heastie, this was certainly an aid to the cause.

MMA companies can look forward to promoting in New York thanks in no small part to this political event in the New York Assembly. Governor Anthony Cuomo has already agreed to sign the bill, and as stated earlier, the New York State Athletics Commision will have to release guidelines to regulate MMA and other things.

Regardless of these little details, a historic event took place this week, and MMA jumped a hurdle it couldn’t jump for almost twenty years. Fans of MMA, and MMA fighters alike can be thankful for this. With this event, a political and sports event together took place. Be looking forward to seeing your MMA fights live from New York.

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