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NCAA March Madness 2017: Craziest Year Ever


The NCAA March Madness Tournament has been an exciting one so far, and maddening to say the least. It has been a big year for teams no one thought would go far, and a disappointing one for big teams that didn’t go as far as expected. 

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Let’s start with Villanova. The Wildcats came out of round one with a pretty easy victory, defeating Mt. Saint Mary’s 76-56. Going into round two, it was a different story for the defending champions. 

Wisconsin has been playing elite for a six-seed, as they took down Virginia Tech 84-74. Then, going into round two, they winded up beating the Wildcats in what would be a controversial ending.

Let’s talk Florida State for a minute. If your bracket wasn’t already busted from Nova, I think it was after this one. Xavier was coming off of a strong win against Maryland, so of course, they were coming in with some heat against FSU. 

On the other side, FSU was coming off of just a six-point win against FGCU, so it’s possible that after the game in round one, critics saw them losing to the Musketeers in round two. 

The Fighting Irish weren’t much of fighters after their loss to West Virginia. This game wasn’t a textbook upset, but a lot of people expected Notre Dame to come away with the win. In this game, Notre Dame just got outplayed, and that loss will hopefully be forgotten soon. 

This next game definitely busted a lot of brackets. The Louisville vs Michigan game was a great matchup to watch, and what an upset this was. Michigan wouldn’t let go of this game, as it was their big ticket to the next round. Michigan played better defense and kept continuing to score, as they wouldn’t allow for Louisville get on an efficient run. 

This is why this year’s March Madness has been one of the craziest ones to date. A large majority didn’t expect any of the teams mentioned out before the sweet sixteen, especially the defending champs. With that, I’m sure more upsets are to come in the later rounds, as we never know what March Madness holds for us. 

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