NCAA Basketball Selection Committee Choosing To Ignore Syracuse Games Without Boheim Is Ridiculous


Boheim was suspended for 9 games this season because of NCAA sanctions on charges on Syracuse. During his absence Associate Head Coach, Mike Hopkins took over the orange and went 4-5. When Boheim is coaching they are 13-3. Now everyone found out that the record during Boheims suspension will be ignored such is rediculous.

If this stands it basically means Syracuse’s losses to Georgetown, St. John, Miami , Clemson and Pittsburgh won’t be considered because there head coach was suspended. Would the committee be treating this the same way as if a team struggled cause a player was injured or suspended? This is hot flaming garbage. I don’t care who is coaching or playing on a team. Good team rises are those circumstances.

This makes no sense and the backlash against the NCAA for this would be enourmous. Indiana lost there second leading scorer James Blackmon Jr thanks to a knee injury and the Hoosiers are clearly a different team without him. Should the embarrassing losses aginst Duke, UNLV and Wake Forest be swiped away cause Blackmon was playing them and isn’t playing now? Of course not, you can not do any of this voodoo stuff to Syracuse. Syracuse is 17-8 and has a few bad losses period.

On selection sunday Syracuse’s entire resume may be considered or the process will be greatly corrupted. Certain teams can’t be given special  considerations at the expense of others.

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