NBA Draft lottery results


Tonight is a night that may define the future of many NBA franchises, they may find their next franchise player or they may draft a player that goes down in history as a bust. Thirteen of the teams will be teams that actually missed the playoffs, the Boston Celtics may find a franchise corner piece despite making the playoffs as a result of a trade with the Brooklyn Nets, in which Boston traded then franchise players Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.


Another storyline is rather the Los Angeles Lakers will get their pick or the Philadelphia 76ers will get two lottery picks (in the case of a top 3 pick, Los Angeles retains their pick, outside of the top 3, the pick goes to Philadelphia). Tonight is a night where questions will be answered but also a night after which new questions will arise.

We start with the 14th overall pick, the last pick in the lottery. The team that has the 14th pick in the NBA draft is the Chicago Bulls.

13th is the Suns.

12th the Jazz

11th the Magic

10th the Bucks

9th the Raptors

8th the Kings

7th the Nuggets

6th the Pelicans

5th the Timberwolves

4th the Suns

Holding to form and the Lakers get to keep their pick as we have the top 3 picks. The Celtics will have a top 3 pick.

3rd pick goes to the Boston Celtics

2nd pick to the Lakers

and the first overall pick goes to the 76ers.

As a recap the picks are listed as such

14. Chicago Bulls

13. Phoenix Suns

12.Utah  Jazz

11. Orlando Magic

10. Milwaukee    Bucks

9. Toronto Raptors

8. Sacramento  Kings

7.  Denver Nuggets

6. New Orleans Pelicans

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

4. Phoenix Suns

3. Boston Celtics

2. Lakers

  1.  Philadelphia 76ers

As a fun fact, the last number one overall pick by the 76ers was Allen Iverson. Another fun fact, Ben Simmons looks to be the first overall pick out of LSU since Shaquille O’Neal. This may not be as straightforward process as it seems to many, Brandon Ingram is better on the perimeter and that may cause 76ers to draft him. We shall see how these picks unfold on draft night.

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