NBA 2016 Free Agency Set To Be A Great One!

Photo: David Richard, USA Today Sports

This year’s NBA free agency is bound to be one of the more interesting off seasons in a very long time. You have two of the top three NBA players as potential movers in Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Dwight Howard recently joined in on the mix as he became a free agent after opting out his contract with Houston.

Then we look at the NBA organizations as a whole, it get’s very interesting as well. The Golden State Warriors are fresh off losing three games in a row to the Cavaliers, becoming the first team in NBA history to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals. Not to mention that this is the last memory of the 2015-2016 NBA year, after breaking the all time regular season record at 73-9.

So far in the early stages, Golden State has been linked to a couple of free agents that would be an interesting fit such as Kevin Durant and even Dirk Nowitski. If the Golden State Warriors can actually improve as a franchise after a 73 win season, then the rest of the league better start marking their calendars for when they face the Warriors, as they would be an absolute force.

Another team that has been linked to multiple top players as of this moment are the LA Lakers, who have been linked to pretty much every upcoming free agent. The Lakers have been linked to Kevin Durant and even LeBron James, who I’d suspect to stay in Cleveland after winning a ring, but who knows what LeBron’s plans are, especially since he owns a home in Los Angeles.

With the cap limit set to rise though, anything is possible during this year’s NBA off season. What will Phil Jackson do to further the Knicks with just $10 million in cap space available as of this moment? Will the Cavs trade Kevin Love, who didn’t seem to be in sync with the team during most of the playoffs. Either way, things are going to go down over the next four months. What are some moves that you would like to see your favorite team make?

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