NBA: 2015 Lottery Recap


 The NBA Lottery is in the books and there were a few surprises in New York last night. The Minnesota Timberwolves was the first team since 2004 to have the worse record in the league and get the First Overall pick. That’s something that has only happened 5 times in 31 years. The Sixers went into the Lottery with a chance to be the first team in NBA history to have 3 first round picks but things didn’t fall into place. The Miami Heat landed the 10th spot which meant that they would keep there Draft Pick instead of sending it to Sixers. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t fall below Five which meant the also got to keep their pick. The Draft order from 14 to 5 pretty much went as expected, but at the top of the draft is where the was a buzz created.
The New York Knicks who had the second worse record in the league fell from 2nd to 4th in a very surprising drop. Knick fans were not happy about it and you can hear groans echoing in the crowd when the Knicks were called at number 4. Once New York was announced Head Coach Byron Scott winked as he knew his team had secured a Top Three pick. The surprising turn of events continued as the 76ers were called at 3 and then the Lakers at 2, with Minnesota getting the First Overall Pick for the 2015 Draft.
Here’s the full Lottery Draft order 1-14
1). Minnesota Timberwolves

2). Los Angeles Lakers

3). Philadelphia 76ers

4). New York Knicks

5). Orlando Magic

6). Sacramento Kings

7). Denver Nuggets

8). Detroit Pistons

9). Charlotte Hornets

10). Miami Heat

11). Indiana Pacers

12). Utah Jazz

13). Phoenix Suns

14). Oklahoma City Thunder

Now teams will gear up for individual workouts, meeting up with the prospects for interviews and also weighing in their trade options. The NBA Draft will be held on June 25th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn,NY at 7pm EDT. It will be televised nationally on ESPN.

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