Nats Emerge as Contender for Cespedes


According to USA Today, the Washington Nationals as slowly emerging as a possible suitor for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

According to similar sources, the Nationals would more than likely throw an offer out there if the price for the free agent dropped. Cespedes is currently interested in a six-year deal, worth around $22 million a year. 

These past few days, we have seen multiple teams sign contracts with certain outfielders. The Baltimore Orioles signed their first baseman/outfielder Chris Davis to a new deal, whereas the Detroit Tigers recently signed Justin Upton to a $132.75 million deal. 

One of the other contenders for Cespedes would be the Houston Astros, as they currently have the money to blow on a player like Cespedes. Another dark horse in this lottery is the Angels, although they currently can not afford a contract such as one Cespedes would command without going over the luxury tax, which they’re hesitant to do.

The Nationals currently have Jayson Werth, Ben Revere and Bryce Harper (from left to right), and Michael Taylor a candidate to get some playing time. So, it is unclear where the team would plug in a guy like Cespedes. 

Cespedes will more than likely choose a new home in the next couple weeks, but for now, all we can do is wonder. 

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