Nationals, Red Sox in Trouble? 

One AL East team, one NL East team. Both the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Nationals sit in opposite divisions, with what seems to be opposite luck this regular MLB season.  But can both of these teams be in trouble?

The Nationals sit at a pretty 28-21, leading the NL East by 1.5 games above the New York Mets.  This season has been unlike any other for the Nationals, so where’s the dilemma? The injury prone pitcher Stephen Strasburg was placed on the 15-day DL, due to what is being called “neck stiffness”.

It may be one small injury, but often times when one bad event occurs, many follow. Harper and Strasburg seem to be the backbone of the Washingon organization, but how likely is it that Harper can carry his team throughout the season? James Harden attempted the same tactic, and it didn’t go out as planned.  The Nationals may be impressive for now, but the injury bug has caught the team and often times can be contagious.

The Red Sox on the other hand have no where to go but up from this point forward.  The pitching staff within the Red Sox is missing an ace, and the prospects the Sox have at this point don’t have much depth to them.  With Ortiz going ice cold on the hitting, and the pitching being one of the worst statistically in the MLB, just how good can they be?

Hanley Rameriz is often the Red Sox hero in many cases, hitting 10 home runs in the month of April.  As we learn in life, some things are just too good to be true. Rameriz can hit, but his fielding is anything but up to par. Rameriz remind me of a familiar name in the Boston world, Manny Rameriz.  Both men could hit when the time was right, but the attitude and the fielding ability lacked greatly.

Can the Nationals get rid of the injury bug, and hold onto the lead in the NL East?

Will the Red Sox be able to deal some players before the trade deadline, and possibly work their way up a weak AL East division?

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