Mozgov Has Option Picked Up

No need to stress for now if you are a Cavaliers fan, as the organization decided to pick up the option of center Timofey Mozgov for next season. 

This move is quite the steal for the Cavs, as Mozgov is now set to only make $4.95 million dollars in the 2015-16 season. According to sources inside ESPN, a big factor for the Cavs trading their picks in order to get a hold of Mozgov was because of the team option that is placed in his contract. 

Mozgov is only one of the many players that the Cavs need to re-sign; including J.R. Smith and Kevin Love (both have player options), Iman Shumpert, Matthew Dellavedova, and Tristan Thompson.  

As a total, the Cavaliers are to set to have 10 total free agents this summer, so it will be interesting to see what the gameplan is for the organization. Amongst their free agents is LeBron James, who could easily decline his player option and look for a new home once again.

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