Most Underrated Players in the AL East From 2015

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(An article produced by Jacob Klennert)

Baltimore Orioles: Gerardo Parra (OF) Parra was a great mid-season pick up in 2015, hitting .291 with 14 HR and getting a final vote for the gold glove for the outfield. Entering 2016, Parra might get traded before the season even starts, but he will be a great addition to any team needing a good fielding outfielder.

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Boston Red Sox: Xander Bogaerts (SS) When you think of the Red Sox, you think of the bad signings in the 2015 off season with Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. You almost forget of what a great job Bogaerts did last season. Batting .320 with 7 HR and 81 RBI’s. Which for a shortstop, is a very good batting line.
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New York Yankees: Nathan Eovaldi (RHP) I can tell you many overrated players on the Yankees, but when it comes to underrated players, Eovaldi leads that list because of his leadership role he took when most of the Yankees starters were injured. He went 14-3 with a high 4.20 ERA, but that record just goes to show, when you’re on the Yankees, anyone’s a good pitcher.
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Tampa Bay Rays: Brad Boxberger (RHP) Boxberger stepped up big time last year for the Rays. Saving 41 games while striking out 74 batters in only 63.0 innings was remarkable. Needless to say the Rays needed a closer for now and the future and Brad stepped up big time!
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Toronto Blue Jays: Russell Martin (C) When you think of the Jays you think of all-stars such as Donaldson, Tulo, and Bautista, But when you talk about an under the radar leader, look at Martin. He batted .240 with 23 HR and 77 RBI’s in 2015. When it comes to catchers, you can’t find anyone better with the way he handles himself while catching and hitting.

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