Monta Ellis Opts Out

According to Bleacher Report, Monta Ellis, of the Dallas Mavericks, has opted out of his contract and will be available to any team in free agency. Ellis would only spend two seasons with the Mavericks, and is giving up the $8.72 million dollars he was set to make in the upcoming season. 

ESPN Chris Broussard first came out with the news, adding that the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers were a few teams interested in the veteran guard. 

Ellis averaged 19 points and 4.9 assists a game in Dallas for the last two years, and he hopes at this point that since he is getting older, he can find himself in a better spot to win an NBA title. 

Speculation already had it made it appear that the Mavericks planned on trading Ellis if he picked up his option, so it is obvious that Ellis would rather take control of his own fate and choose where he plays for. 

With Ellis no longer in the picture, it will allow a little bit of breathing room for the Mavs in terms of cap space. The Mavericks look to be big buyers in the offseason, just so they can at least make it to the playoffs next season. 

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