Monday Night Raw Recap


Raw kicked off with Mick Foley, as he was forced to read off index cards, stating he was going to take an absence from Raw for awhile. He then proceeded to throw the index cards to the ground, saying after thirty-one years of being in the business, he deserves more respect. 

This would bring Stephanie Mcmahon out to the ring, as they would have a back and forth on the mic for roughly ten minutes. The next piece of drama lead to Stephanie firing Foley for being a screwup and not knowing his place, which then motivated Sami Zayn to come out. Zayn defended the job of Foley, calling him a hero and bashing the poor job of Stephanie. 

As a result, it would lead to Samoa Joe coming out, and Stephanie making a match beween the two of them.

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Singles Match 

Sami Zayn Vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe Wins Via Cocuna Clutch

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Singles Match

Charlotte Flair Vs Dana Brooke

Charlotte Flair Wins Via Big Boot

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Singles Match
TJ Perkins Vs Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick wins Via Sliced Bread #2

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No DQ Match (If Nia Jax Wins, She Gets Added To Raw Women’s Title Match)
Bayley Vs Nia Jax

Nia Jax Wins Via Samoan Drop

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Tag Team Match (Enzo Amore & Big Cass At Ringside)

Sheamus & Cesaro Vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Sheamus & Cesaro win Via Brogue Kick By Sheamus To Karl Anderson

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Singles Match

Austin Aries Vs Tony Nese

Austin Aries Wins Via Discus Fivearm

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Singles Match

Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman

The match would end in no contest, as the Undertaker appeared out of nowhere and stared down Reigns. He would then turn around and hit Strowman with a choke slam, but Reigns hit a spear on Undertaker, laying him out. 

Final Thoughts: This showing was solid,  but it just had moments that you just didn’t care about. It started off really well, but by the second hour, it got boring with some matches that many weren’t paying attention to. 

The third hour really picked things up, and the main event was really well done. Overall, it was a solid outing, but with Wrestlemania around the corner, the fans are expecting more.

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