Mike Trout is A-Okay

Mike Trout is said to be healthy, but is going on a day-by-day basis. After his slight wrist sprain in Sunday’s game against the Texas Rangers, he remained in the game and still hit a grand slam before the night was over. He then received an x-ray that showed no structural damage to his left wrist. 

Given that, he still sat out of Wednesday’s game against the Houston Astros in which the Angels lost. It is said that he had soreness and he did not want to risk any further injury. Trout is very strict about his health and his dedication is shown in his titles. He is a four time All-Star and the reigning AL MVP. 

Trout also leads the Majors with 31 home runs, hitting a .315, and 64 RBI’s. He set a very high bar for himself to say the least and doesn’t want to disappoint.

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