Mike Bennett And Maria Arrive In The WWE


After multiple reports during the past few months about Mike Bennett and his wife Maria coming to the WWE, the wait is finally over. The couple finally arrived on the WWE main roster at Money In The Bank, and it looks as though they are going to be joining the SmackDown brand. This is much needed, due to the loss of The Miz and Maryse to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shakeup that happened in April. Before arriving in the WWE, Bennett and Maria spent some time in TNA from January 2016 to March 2017.

For the WWE fans that do know a lot about Bennett, there is a lot of excitement surrounding him. In his career, he has won the IWGP Tag Team Championship, TNA X Division Championship, ROH World Tag Team Championship, alongside winning the ROH Top Prospect Tournament as well. Bennett is a technical wrestler who uses submissions in his matches, along with using the brawling style of wrestling as well. On the microphone, Bennett can cut a convincing heel promo that will get a lot of heat from the fans, which is what he aims to do on most occasions.

A lot of WWE fans will remember Maria from her time in the WWE from 2004-2010. Even though she is a wrestler, she does her best work when she is a valet. During her time in the WWE, she was mainly used as a backstage interviewer for the start of her career. It was not until 2006 that she stepped into a role of a full-time wrestler. In 2010, she was cut by the WWE. When that happened, she made her mark in Ring Of Honor as an evil valet for her real-life husband in Bennett. Once Maria came to Ring Of Honor, the two made headlines all around the world.

This is a huge step for the couple. Bennett will finally get to work for the biggest wrestling company in the world, alongside his wife Maria, who will finally have a chance to come back to the WWE. They will have big shoes to fill on SmackDown in the void of Miz and Maryse, but from seeing what they have done in the past together, it will be in no time before they both get the same amount of heat that Miz and Maryse got during their time at SmackDown Live.

Getting someone like Bennett, who is a great worker and a wrestler, alongside his wife Maria, who is a very convincing heel, the brand now has another potential main event heel couple who will most likely start in the upper mid-card and work their way up to the main event. It was tough for the brand to lose Miz and Maryse, but with Bennett and Maria coming along, that is a solid replacement for them to compete with Miz and Maryse and Monday Night Raw.

If you are a wrestling fan, this is huge news. Bennett is a respectable name in the wrestling business as a hard worker and good storyteller. If that is not enough for you to hate him, add in his wife Maria, who is a woman that most wrestling fans would boo out of the building.

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