Michael Griffin Possibly Retiring at End of the Season

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After 9 seasons in the NFL, Tennessee Titans FS Michael Griffin may be retiring. Griffin was originally taken by the Titans in the 2007 draft. He was the #19th overall pick in that years draft. He has played for the Titans for all 9 of his active seasons.

While Griffin has been a solid player for the Titans, his body has started to break down, leading him to be slower and weaker every game he plays. He finishes his 9th season this Sunday as the Titans take on the Colts.

Griffin has been no help to the struggling Titans secondary. If Griffin does retire, this can open a spot for the Titans to bring in a better piece to their secondary. Perhaps they could draft a FS or pick one up in Free Agency. This all is if Griffin does retire.

Griffin’s contract doesn’t expire until 2017, in which he would make a lot of money. The question ultimately comes down to if the money is worth the damage your body is going to take. That’s going to be a very hard question to answer.

A bigger question could be, would it be better for the Titans to let Griffin go? Griffin has performed less than average this season with 97 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, and zero forced fumbles.

While his future is in question, his fan support is not. Griffin is loved by the fans for his loyalty to the Titans and how much he has given back to he city of Nashville. When the Titans proposed the question on their Facebook page, the support was undying for Griffin. Many people agreed it was his time to go, but they would be sad to see him go as he was a tremendous player and person.

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