Mets Set to Activate Reyes

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As of late on Monday Night, the New York Mets came out and expressed their intention to activate shortstop Jose Reyes. This announcement was made prior to Tuesday’s game against the Miami Marlins.

The Mets signed Reyes just over a week ago, and ever since, he has been participating in games in the minor leagues. 

Soon after completing his 51-game suspension under the MLB’s domestic violence policy, the Colorado Rockies decided it was best to release him. Reyes previously was on the Mets, so hopefully the “Big Apple” can change his ways.

The Rockies already have a rookie sensation in Trevor Story, so the Rockies are now willing to pay more than $30 million for Reyes not to play on their roster. The Mets on the other hand will pay the league minimum. 

To help the injured David Wright (who’s having neck surgery), the Mets plan on Reyes to play third base. Reyes will likely not be an everyday starter, but he will be seen on the field most days.

In 11 minor league games since his suspension, Reyes has gone 6 for 34 (.176). In his time with the Blue Jays and Rockies last season, Reyes had a stat line of .274/.310/378 with 24 stolen bases.

He is obviously not the same player he was a few years back, but the Mets still intend of pushing Curtis Granderson back a spot in order for Reyes to bat lead off.

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