McGregor Could Be Stripped Of Featherweight Title


In early November, UFC superstar Conor McGregor made history, as he defeated Eddie Alvarez, becoming the only individual in the world to contain two titles at the same time.

Per mutiple reports, the UFC may look into stripping  McGregor’s featherweight title, simply because he has yet to defend it in the eleven months he has held it. 

With a child on the way, McGregor has made it clear that he does not intend to fight again until mid-May of 2017. With that, the UFC may hand over the belt to interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo. 

McGregor has previously stated that it would take an army of people to take away his belt, but the UFC is a business after all. 

For the long-term vision, it would be in the UFC’s best interest to strip McGregor’s title, and allow him to fight for it when he is ready in 2017. 

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