Matt Holliday Breaks Record 

The St. Louis Cardinals are without a doubt the hottest team in baseball so far, and outfielder Matt Holliday’s record of 43 straight games on base to start the season seems to be the icing on the cake.  Holliday joins an exclusive cast of this particular acheivement, becoming the first MLB player since Derek Jeter in 1999 to accomplish this.  

Hollidays 43 game streak is the 6th longest in MLB history,  and is one game away from tying Harry Heilmann, who did it in 1923.  Matt Holliday may be a future Hall of Famer with the career he’s had, as just this year, he’s hitting a remarkable .320, with 3 home runs as well as 24 RBI’s. 

According to David Cobb, Holliday was asked about the accomplishment and answered as follows; 

“It’s important, it’s cool,” Holliday said. “It’s something to be proud of, especially in this era, with the pitching the way it is.”

Although Holliday’s stats are unique, the thing most fans in St Louis are looking forward to is another playoff run. 

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