Matt Forte On The Move?


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With only a few more days till the NFL trade deadline,Chicago Bears are one team that has been heard a lot in trade rumor. Most rumors are about running back Matt Forte. The team is in a losing season and are in a rebuilding mode, so there is no reason to keep Forte right now, who is heading to free agency. Here are a few teams that are good fits for Forte and should trade for him.

Dallas Cowboys

Most likely the perfect landing spot for Forte. The team has almost everything in place to make a strong super bowl push. Great offensive line, good wide receivers, good quarterback and the defense is doing well. Only thing the team is missing is a running back. After Demarco Murray left this offseason, the running game took a huge hit. That is where Forte comes in. Forte would have a chance to become a threat with the great offensive line. Helping the team win a Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos

The next best destination after Cowboys. This team has a great defense and a good wide receiving core. One of the biggest problems with Denver Broncos is quarterback Peyton Manning, who is not having the type of season he is known to be having. Bringing in someone like Forte would get rid of some of the pressure on Manning shoulders. The running game of CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman is not exactly the type of running backs that will get the job done.  Forte would get the job done with the Broncos. With the team riding high, Forte could be the final piece of the playoff puzzle for the Broncos.

Detroit Lions

Why would a team which is trying to fight for the first overall pick go after someone like Forte? The team needs a running back to build around and Forte could be that type of guy. Sure the team would not be good this year, but this would be a trade that would make them better next year depending if Forte resigns this offseason. With another offensive weapon for quarterback Matthew Stafford, maybe just maybe he can be the potential franchise quarterback leading them to the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns

Another team that is going to be in the run for the fist overall pick. With that mess of a quarterback depth chart the team has. Forte could be useful there, giving the team a running game. Forte is a type of running back that could be the vocal point of the Browns offense. Whoever the Browns get as the starting quarterback, he will have someone who can do damage in the running game and in the passing game as well. This trade would be a trade that will help the team in the future, depending if Forte resigns with the team.

Another thing that a team has to watch for is Forte is going to be a free agent this offseason. So if the team decides to pull the trigger, the team will have to feel like they can give him a new contract this offseason. Keeping Forte happy he will most likely want close to over $50 million. That is a lot of money but it is worth it for someone like Forte.





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