Matt Cassel Named Starting Quarterback

Brandon Wade/Associated Press
Brandon Wade/Associated Press

After an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys have decided to start backup quarterback Matt Cassel over starting quarterback Brandon Weeden, while Tony Romo is still nursing that broken collarbone that he suffered. Cassel will be starting his first game with the team after the bye week, a week seven matchup vs. New York Giants.

Last season in three games played with Minnesota Vikings, Cassel threw for 425 yards, 3 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, with a passer rating of 65.8. Nobody really expected big things out of Cassel last season. In the offseason, the Bills traded for him hoping to bring in some veteran experience to the quarterback battle in training camp. However, he lost the battle to eventual starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Even though Cassel is not a franchise quarterback, he is still a solid veteran backup quarterback. He is a good passer in the pocket, he has good arm strength, and he knows how to stretch the field when he needs to buy running out of the pocket for a quick couple of yards on the ground. The thing that is Cassel is valued for the most is his leadership on and off the field. He is a great leader. He is known for being a backup, who can come in when your starting quarterback is injured or not playing well.

The team has been dreadful the past few weeks offensively. It was time for a change at quarterback while Romo is out; Cassel is a great guy to put as your starter for now. The team made a good decision starting him. Cassel will have a lot of pressure on himself to do well while Romo is rehabbing, but the guy has experience at starting for a team at quarterback. Starting for the Kansas City Chiefs for a few seasons, and New England Patriots in 2008 when Tom Brady when down with a season ending injury.

Cassel has good targets to work with in Joseph Randle, Terrance Williams, and Jason Witten. With the Cowboys offensive line being the best offensive line in the league, Cassel will have good protection in the pocket and for when he needs to scramble for a good few yards running the ball. What Cassel needs to do is make great plays offensively, driving the team down the field for the touchdown leading the team to some wins.

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