Martin St. Louis and Cam Talbot on Move?



There is alot of buzz coming out of the Rangers organization about if they’re going to resign Martin St Louis, and well as doing something similar with Cam Talbot.

Martin St. Louis, the 39 year old, is at well what most people would call the end of the road. St. Louis only put up 52 points this year, which was one of the lowest in his career. Headed into free agency, he will most likely not be a Ranger next year. Not all hope is lost for St Louis, as he can still bring a team a lot of experience and still is a crafty veteran who could still play another few years. He just isn’t the point machine that he used to be. 

Watch for a younger team to pick him up through free agency to bring that team some experience with a veteran to lead. In my opinion, a good home for St. Louis would be Columbus, Ottawa, or even Buffalo. All those teams have a very young roster that a guy like St. Louis could definitely teach them a thing or two. 

Another rumor coming out of the Rangers is trading Cam Talbot. Tablot is a very good backup goalie, coming to the point of his career where he’d be a very good starter somewhere. The question is what to do with him for the Rangers. Since the Rangers have a pretty good goalie of their own, I’m thinking that you may see him traded before the end of this month. The good thing is that Talbot carries very good potential with him, so you may see the Rangers get a decent player in return.

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